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PEG MGF 2mg x 5 vials

Composition per vial:

Mechano growth Factor,IGF-1EC

2mg/vial, 5 vials per box

2-8°C in refrigerator

Manufactured by:
MB-ฺBio Pharma

Product Description:

The transcription of the IGF-1 (insulinlike growth factor 1) gene generates its 3 mRNA isoforms: IGF-1Ea, IGF-1Eb and IGF-1Ec (often called also as MGF or mechano growth factor). This means, IGF-1Ec is a splice variant of IGF-1, sharing an identical mature region, but with a different E domain. IGF-1Ec has been shown in vitro as well as in vivo to induce growth and hypertrophy in mechanically stimulated or damaged muscle. It is naturally occurring endogenous peptide, but it can be produced also synthetically. 

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